Sofin Interiors

About Us

Furnishing your home should always be a pleasure; it should be affordable and yet not constrain you. However, you are mostly forced to choose between cheap mass market products or expensive customized services. Would it not be great if you could bridge the gap with affordable and inspirational made to measure services? We know how to deliver Affordable Luxury.

Who We Are

We aspire to become London’s favourite home furnishing brand. We started 25 years ago in a West London garage, by making made to measure curtains and blinds for Fabric retailer’s and interior designers. We opened our first retail outlet in 1997. With time we have built up immense expertise in Fabrics, Made to Measure processes and Interior design.

Our Promise

  • We will always strive to deliver home furnishing solutions that look good, feel good and help you get more out of your homes. We will do this by offering services and products that are better than mass market products offered by online and high street retailers.

Our Values

  • Quality:
    We will always try to use the best quality materials, ensure that we make items to exacting standards and use the best practices in our industry. If we make a mistake we will fix our mistake or replace where reasonably possible and always learn from our mistakes.

    We strongly believe in “Affordable Luxury”. We will never make you compromise on your ideas or quality, and at the same time we will always look for the lowest cost solution for your desired outcome. In other words it is never about the lowest price, it is always about best value.

    We will always try to attend to our appointments on time and meet promised deadlines.

    Team Work:
    We will work with you at every step of the process to ensure your satisfaction. On the other hand we will always endeavour to build a talented team of interior designers, craftspeople, fitters and suppliers.

Our Products and Services

  • We offer broadly three product/service categories.

    We sell hundreds of fabrics and can source from all well known fabric brands in the UK. We are continuously expanding our range to include international brands. We can make anything with Fabrics of your choice in our workshop. We specialise in making curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstery. Visit one of our stores to see the full range of fabrics and possible made to measure options.

    Made to Measure:
    Currently we offer made to measure curtains, blinds and upholstery. Soon we will be expanding our range to include made to measure rugs, mirrors and lighting.

    We have mastered the Made to measure process. The process is the same whether you are making curtains, ordering a shaped mirror or having a unique piece of furniture made for you. Simply put it involves 3 steps.

    1. Design - This stage is about converting your ideas and problems into a solution that is executable and specific to your needs. This requires taking measurements, deciding colours, shapes and choosing materials. To complete this stage we visit your home to take accurate measurements and ensure that the design can be implemented.
    2. Make - We then implement the design in our workshop or with one of our reputable partners.
    3. Install - We then use experienced fitters to install the finished item.
  • Inspirational products and services:
    To complement our expanding made to measure services we are launching.

    Inspiration readymade solutions - In keeping with our affordability value, whenever we come across an inspirational or unique readymade solution we will make it available both on our online and Retail store. We know that a good readymade solution is nearly always cheaper and faster than a made to measure solution.  We will build this portfolio of inspirational home furnishing items from across the world overtime. We do not intend to sell generic mass market products that are readily available with other large Online and High street retailers.

    Interior design services - On the other hand there will be times when you need support with a bigger interiors project that could include designing: a room layout; kitchen; bathroom: choosing a colour scheme or putting together a mood board for an assortment of materials from tiles to wallpapers, fabrics and rugs. For these challenges we offer a full interior design service with talented interior designers.